Sleeping kitten

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Second image in my 'sleeping animals'-series, none of which are my own images, but all are in the public domain. These animals are so cute, I just wanted to share them with you!
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User Comments

plantkart writes:

guy writes:
that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

andrewbaileysgirl writes:
What in the world is wrong with thinking a kitten is cute? I'm not going to go drown all KITTENS just becasue TIGERS are going extint then we won't have cats or tigers! You goofy dork!

avalon_donii writes:
what is it with you!! you have some real people issues...

animalover5421 writes:
Why don't you people(everyone that is saying awwww) go and help save other animals. If tigers, lions, and all the other big wild cats weren't here this little cute kitten wouldn't be either! There is already enough domestic kittens in this world, but then when you look at it in my point of view, none of them would be here if it weren't for the endangered bangal tigers, or the extinct saber-toothed tigers, or any of the big cats! They are dying because of us and none of you people even give a care, all you care about is the stupid, little, useless domestic kittens!

nowornevergone writes:
that's so precious! too bad the pic is blurry and only 800x600.

mido2009 writes:

sunnemo1 writes:
cute kitten

kallie-xox writes:
So very cute. I wish I could have it!

salvadorenaxox94 writes:
i love it

hateme writes:
its so CUTE!

auditionnowonline writes:
I'm in love!

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