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#1851I haven't lost my mind -- it's backed up on tape somewhere.
#1852I must have slipped a disk -- my pack hurts!
#1853I think there's a world market for about five computers.
-- attr. Thomas J. Watson (Chairman of the Board, IBM), 1943
#1854I went on to test the program in every way I could devise. I strained
it to expose its weaknesses. I ran it for high-mass stars and low-mass
stars, for stars born exceedingly hot and those born relatively cold.
I ran it assuming the superfluid currents beneath the crust to be
absent -- not because I wanted to know the answer, but because I had
developed an intuitive feel for the answer in this particular case.
Finally I got a run in which the computer showed the pulsar's
temperature to be less than absolute zero. I had found an error. I
chased down the error and fixed it. Now I had improved the program to
the point where it would not run at all.
-- George Greenstein, "Frozen Star: Of Pulsars, Black
Holes and the Fate of Stars"
#1855I went to my first computer conference at the New York Hilton about 20
years ago. When somebody there predicted the market for microprocessors
would eventually be in the millions, someone else said, "Where are they
all going to go? It's not like you need a computer in every doorknob!"

Years later, I went back to the same hotel. I noticed the room keys had
been replaced by electronic cards you slide into slots in the doors.

There was a computer in every doorknob.
-- Danny Hillis
#1856I wish you humans would leave me alone.
#1857I'm a Lisp variable -- bind me!
#1858I'm all for computer dating, but I wouldn't want one to marry my sister.
#1859I'm not even going to *______bother* comparing C to BASIC or FORTRAN.
-- L. Zolman, creator of BDS C
#1860I'm still waiting for the advent of the computer science groupie.
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